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Brown bear, Kamchatka Russia

A brown bear returns to shore with his prize catch at Kurilskoye Lake (also known as Kurile Lake) in Kamchatka Russia. Despite their brute appearance, brown bears quite delicate in eating their salmon. They almost always bring it to shore, where on the beach, they deftly remove the skin before devouring the flesh.

This bear gives me the eye as he walks proudly by, as if to say "it's all mine buddy and I'm not sharing". Not that I would be arguing with one of these apex predators anytime soon anyway.

Kurilskoye Lake lake is one of the world's richest salmon spawning areas, with an estimated 6 million salmon in the crater lake in peak season. The region is also one of the most remote locations I have visited, located deep in the rugged Eastern Volcanic Zone of Kamchatka Russia (Siberia). There are no roads to the area and the only way in is aboard ex-military Russian Mi-8 helicopters, which arguably, are more dangerous than the bears themselves.

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